It all started in San Francisco and
caught fire in Seattle.
My name is Theresa Roberts, but please call me Teddy.
I am a B2B copy writer with a fire in my belly about marketing in general and brand strategy in particular. My specialty is rooting brands in tantalizing authenticity and creating strong wings for them to take flight.

Growing up in the aura of the Haight Ashbury just after the Summer of Love, the air was still ripe with the scent of Patchouli oil, which is said to inspire creativity. Patchoulian is about blending the best of both my worlds – free creative thought and the business discipline of brand strategy.


For 20 years I've been building my bank of brand, copy writing and marketing expertise working for organizations large and small, private and public, new and old. Between the Bay Area and Seattle the brands I’ve helped strengthen include Asinta, Alliant Employee Benefits, Automatic Data Processing, Girvin Strategic Branding and Design, FILTER Talent and the Premera family of companies.​​​


Please contact me if you think a dash of Patchoulian is in order for your brand.

Teddy Roberts

(425) 985-5216

Seattle, WA